Book Review — Selected Short Stories by Anthony Trollope

Selected Short Stories by Anthony Trollope

Selected Short Stories by Anthony Trollope is a collection of six stories that have previously appeared in periodicals. Trollope was a prolific Victorian Era writer with forty-seven novels and dozens of short stories to his credit. I have been meaning to read his work for quite a while. a friend with a PhD in English sings his praises and got me interested. I started with high hopes but quickly found myself entering the doldrums. It appears that my limited appreciation of English literature is contained in the Interwar Era. The writing is and portrayal of the characters, however, is excellent.

In previous reviews, I have highly recommended Dover Publications as an introduction to an author and his work. The selections cover a broad range of the writer’s work giving the reader a well-rounded experience. The price is always affordable so the reader does not feel like he is making a large financial commitment to a collected works. That same value is carried on in this collection. The formatting is well done and as always the introduction to the writer is informative and also provides an introduction to the stories.

This is a collection that for no concrete reason, other than personal preference, this falls outside of my reading interest. However, I would not have known this without reading through this collection. I have reviewed several Dover Thrift Editions and found them all well constructed and worthwhile. Had I paid the $5.00 for this edition, I would not have been dissatisfied. In fact, I’ll probably pick it up and try it again. Dover delivers on its promises. I recommend this book to anyone looking for an introduction to Victorian Literature.

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