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Book Review — They All Died Screaming

“I treated them like pieces of meat,” Barman said.
“I was . . . a pig.”

They All Died Screaming by Kristopher Triana is a dark and gruesome book with two parallel stories. It probably goes without saying that this book is outside my comfort level on several levels. Fair warning– This is a disturbing book with torture, rape, slavery, and a strange pandemic. They All Died Screaming is a book that would make Motel Hell a welcome place in comparison. So come prepared if you chose to read it. What I liked about the book dates back to the book banning trials of Ginsberg, Lawrence, and Kandel — Does the book have any literary value?

The answer is yes. The parallel stories merge masterfully. The stories crossover in themes and present interesting conflicts. Some people are products of their environment, and others move past it. All of the characters have secrets except for Quaid Crews, who, except for being a vegetarian and animal lover, has to be one of the vilest people on earth. Under the layers of pig feces, veal cages, blood, and gore is a story that is more complex than its cover. Smooth seas do not make great sailors, and the characters here all come from the separate tempest. Recommended for Splatterpunk fans and those willing to look beneath the gory.

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