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Book Review: The Last Girl On Earth: A Novel

The Last Girl On Earth: A Novel by Thomas Ryerson is one of Tom Ryerson’s latest works of fiction. Ryerson has released ten books, nine of which are fiction. This is my third book by the author and the second work of science fiction.

The Last Girl on Earth centers around Steve Hart and Clare Lomas two Ohio high school kids on a field trip with their class to Florida. After a prank at a party, the two find themselves locked in a fallout shelter. It is the next day when they find their way out, they find to their horror everyone is dead. Not just their classmates, but everyone. They are the last two people in the world. 

The two with little in common, except for Steve’s secret crush on Clare, plan their way home. The characters are likable and well developed in the story. Although they are in high school, they act more mature and the reader may think they are adults, but hints in the story remind you of their age. In the trauma or shock Clare becomes an animal rights activist for a short time and Steve does his best to keep everything together. Conversations begin as the two try to figure out what happened. Was it God who allowed this or Satan? Steve replies “You are going to think I am crazy Clare, but I don’t believe in Satan. Personally think that God is bi-polar, seriously. He or she has good days and bad days.” 

This is good escapist science fiction and the events are believable in the setting they are given. The trip home is filled with adventure. Questions play out in the story such as is it better to be alone or would new people be a relief? If there are others, would they be friendly or out to harm others? How long can you live on snack food? And will these two be able to tolerate each other? The plot answer these questions and keeps the readers interest. It is well thought out and flows well. 

The Last Girl on Earth is a great book for an afternoon escape. It is just the thing after a long hard work week. It was the perfect book for me this Sunday sitting on the front porch recovering a long work week and a pile of non-fiction books. For fans of science fiction, this book and writer deserves a look.

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Book Review: Fun City

Fun City, by Thomas Ryerson is his third book I chose to read this science fiction book after reading his latest book which is historical fiction. After starting the book, I was taken back to a time when I was younger and looked forward to the Saturday night television movies which usually involved a horror movie like The Monitorsor some Science fiction like The Mole People.  This book combines both.  There is a post WWIII utopian society where the government isn’t outwardly heavy handed, but all the same people worry about monitors and all crimes carry the death sentence.  It’s not North Korea by any means, but more like a western camera surveillanced society on steroids. History has been re-written to suit the societies “needs.” It is a seemingly happy place.  People born into the system tend to stay and support the system, except for a few.


I am reminded of old sci-fi movies by a few things:  Food is cooked in a micro-warmer and kept cold in a food-cool.  Air-cool is air conditioning.  There is also a nuclear powered hover car for emergencies. Smart androids help with many tasks from hauling luggage to fetching people… just don’t call one a robot. These are pleasant touches in the book.  It gives the story a real “this is the future” sense and helps add to the “willing suspension of disbelief”.  It all works well together.

The characters are all likeable (or unlikeable as the case may be) and very well developed.  I had a vision of Dr. Menke as a serious Avery Schreiber for part of the book.  Character development and the intertwining of their lives plays well.  The story is complex but easy to follow.  It has its twists and turns and will easily hold your interest.  I combines a great many things I enjoy from old science fiction and a few new things too.  A very good escapist read and more good news, it is the first book of a trilogy.   The next book is due out in 2014.

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