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Rook Review: The Courage to Survive

The Courage to Survive
by Dennis Kucinich


A remarkable book about a remarkable person. Love him or hate him, Dennis Kucinich took hard hits through out his life and kept bouncing back and not complaining. It is a story of hard work and over coming hardship. He was my former mayor and I now learned we grew up on the same side of town as I did. Many places I knew growing up are mentioned in the book: St. Vidas, Holy Name, Central Catholic, “Tourney Tech”, Miles Park Library, “The Gully” that ran from Harvard to the Canal, and Forest Hills. It reminds us that Cleveland was, and is, a tough place and you need to be strong to rise up. One line in the book Dennis talks about his father: It wasn’t the Marines that made him tough; it was Cleveland. Although the book ends well before Kucinich’s term as mayor, his time in Congress, or Presidential runs, it shows us what made the man Kucinich became.

Special thanks to the girl who grew up on the other end street from me, who recommended this book. Vineyard Avenue kids are the best.

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