Poetry Review — [Dis]Connected: Poems and Stories of Connection and Otherwise


[Dis]Connected is an experiment in writing. Have a poet write a poem then have another poet read it and write a short fiction inspired in some way by that poem. That inspiration can be on a theme or even a single line of the poem. Then that poet starts another cycle for someone else. In the second Volume of [Dis]Connected Michelle Halket chooses ten young poets for the project. The “dis” and the “connected” come into play as poets base their prose on a poem. There can be a strong connection to the poem’s theme or a disconnection by going in another direction. Themes of love, loss, and dating run strong through the collection. Tyler Knott Gregson establishes the trend with the opening lines of the first poem:

Sometimes I can see the fibers between things,
The threads that connect us,
Tie us all together. I can see the light
As it passes over them, as it moves,
The fibers link the verse and prose throughout. The prose is excellent and Wilder’s “What The Wild Game Me” is superb and inspired by N. L. Shompole’s prose poem “Notes on How to Take Flight.” There is a wide range of emotions flowing through both the poems and the prose.  The emotions run deep in the collection from overwhelming loss in Alicia Cook’s “The Fourth Saturday”  to being found in “Stay With Me” by Courtney Peppernell.  Another excellent collection showing the magic poets can create.

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