Book Review — The Korean Woman

The Korean Woman by John Altman

Song Sun Young is a North Korean sleeper. The horrors of her youth and even her “escape” from North Korea have deeply scarred her. Now living in America married and with two children she hopes the call to duty never arrives. She is now American and has a family. She is unaware that American intelligence already knows who she is and it is watching her. When the call comes, things fall apart its not just one agent, but terrorists, and nuclear threats.

Reminiscent of the old Cold War spy novels, Altman creates a new paradigm of players with the US still making up one side. The Soviet Union is no longer and China although not an ally is linked too closely to the US to become the new enemy. North Korea now makes the perfect enemy. Its missiles and nuclear weapons can hit the US shores, and in fiction, they are more advanced. Russia and China play the neutral middle seeking power but not confrontation unless provoked. Although not exactly the real world situation, the storyline makes for good reading. As with the Cold War-style novels of the past, the reader must realize that this is fiction much like a Bond movie — entertainment with a hint of fantasy.

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