Poetry Review — Creance; or, Comest Thou Cosmic Nazarite

A deceptive collection in that its small size would have the reader believe that this would be a quick and easy read. The poetry is involved, but at the same time rewarding if one gives the time, effort, and contemplation to the writing. There is also a difficulty in providing samples for review. Sauvage, my favorite poem in the collection, exists as a complete poem and cutting out a sample would leave the beginning and end from it. Line ends do not break the thought but simply signify the end of space to the right. A single period and one forward slash offer the only punctuation. The use of a single period as punctuation is common in the collection. The forward slash, usually indicating a line break when part of the poem is used in a prose article, are used in the short line structure of the presented poems.

The title refers to the thin cord used in falconry to ensure the bird returns to its master. The French definition implies that it used to retain a bird of little faith. The reader now wears this restriction. Like a falcon that existed as a free animal, symbolizing success and victory, the free reader becomes tethered to the poet’s writing by an invisible cord searching while searching for freedom in the words and phrases. Complex, compelling, and abstract.

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