Poetry Review — Long Live Phoenixes


Some people go through life avoiding difficulties and hard times. Some live through them and come back stronger like the Phoenix. We idolize what is perfect instead of what has survived. A knight in shining armor is a perfect hero, in a perfect world but in the real world, shining armor means someone whose mettle has not been tested. No one with experience has perfect armor. Likewise, when knocked down we return stronger much like the Phoenix.

Farrell’s Phoenix is its own tradition. The nine mantra’s of the Phoenix reminds one of eastern philosophy mixed with fantasy: Burn brightly, soar high and always remember where you came from. The laws might be seen almost like the contemporary Instagram “poetry,” but rather than leave them, Farrell uses them as a springboard to her poetry. The writing is easy to read and follow along. The themes vary with the mantras and provide support.

The poems support both good and bad times and offer comfort where needed and strength where it is lacking. Farrell, although young is an old soul, and that soul’s experience guides her writing. She displays wisdom and direction in her writing. Furthermore, her writing and style remind me of my younger days. Memories of my times growing up in the 1970s are reflected not only in the poet’s style but in her use of words like shimmy and sashay. We all have hopes and dreams that are missed, taken from us, or fumbled. Farrell gives the motivation to continue on and achieve.

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