Book Review — EFFICIENT WAYS TO USE THE INTERNET SECURELY: Protect Your Digital Assets, Privacy and Online Transactions

EFFICIENT WAYS TO USE THE INTERNET SECURELY: Protect Your Digital Assets, Privacy and Online Transactions (Digital Concerns Book 2) by [Millery, Mark]

Computer security is an evolving science.  It has come a long way from merely not sharing floppy disks with free games, however,  those wishing to gain access to your computer use the same concept of free stuff. From “click bait” mixed into news stories to pop up ads, the internet is filled with traps and pitfalls.   Millery guides the reader to the safe use of the internet.

The book design is compartmentalized into different sections that can stand alone almost like individual lessons.  This also presents the repeating of critical points from other sections when reading from beginning to end.  The key points repetition is also useful in instilling them in the reader’s online habits.  Even the most careful internet user can experience malicious intrusions.  A few years ago I purchased a new computer, and within days I found I could not change the default search engine from SafeSearch.  While this might just seem like an annoyance all the information I typed into the browser was recorded and furthermore, any of my searches would bring up ads and present sites that were not the ones I was looking for. It was influencing or directing my browsing.

Most readers will also remember the Nigerian Prince emails promising to send you a fortune if you give your banking information.  Other scams like emails from “PayPal” asked to confirm your login and password to an email address ending in or Internet scams and identity theft are growing more complex and easier to fall for as we rush through our daily lives.  Millery gives the reader smart and up to date advice on keeping safe online.  From technical protection to just hints on being smarter and more vigilant online one can remain safe when ordering products (releasing personal and credit card information) or just surfing the net.  We tend to forget just how much we depend on the internet in our daily lives from email, directions, messengers, social media, and online payments.  Many of us live constantly connected to the internet in one way or another with our phones, tablets, and PCs, and we can grow complacent concerning security.  Millery presents an easy to understand guide to keeping one and one’s information safe without becoming an advertisement for any one security product.

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