Book Review — The Warramunga’s Aftermath of War


Greg Kater’s second book Warramunga in the series does not disappoint. For those seeking a realistic 1940s Action- Adventure novel, this is it. The story reads like a period movie filled with thrills and characters the reader will want to know. Jamie and Jacko are home from the war and working for the Australian Commonwealth Investigative Service. The war’s end, however, does not mean peace and quiet for those who have survived. There are still war crimes to prosecute, and as Jamie and Jacko discover there, others are willing to take advantage of the chaos that war has brought. Jamie, Jacko and their new allies discover an international child kidnapping/pedophile ring and seek to put a stop to it. Offsetting this appalling crime, Kater manages to capture the setting of and culture of the Philippines in an exceptional way. Very well written to the point that one would think Kater was a first-hand witness to the events.

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