Book Review — The World’s Best Whiskies

Whisky is a simple drink made of grain, yeast, and water, and is effectively distilled beer.

The World’s Best Whiskies does not disappoint. The richly illustrated volume of everything whiskey covers the history of the drink and the various grains that give each brand and region its own taste. The myth that whiskey must be drunk neat is dismissed; a little water opens it up and there are recipes for cocktails. Drinks as simple as a proper “Old Fashioned” to the complex “In The Shadows” are covered. All of this is a prelude to the heart of the book — 750 different whiskeys from around the world. Most readers will be familiar with the American and Canadian large-scale distilleries as well as a few from Scotland and Ireland. But most don’t know Japan is a growing whiskey market with its own distilleries and quality products. Taiwan and India have recently made their mark on the whiskey world too. Several distilleries are given special coverage with separate articles. Whiskey’s growing popularity is well documented, illustrated, and reviewed in this connoisseur’s tome.  Highly recommended to the whiskey beginner and experienced aficionado.

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