Book Review — Inside the Chinese Wine Industry: The Past, Present, and Future of Wine in China

Inside the Chinese Wine Industry: The Past, Present, and Future of Wine in China by Loren Maysharkis a history as well as the current demand for wine in the country.  There are a few points that must be considered when China and wine.  First that China does contain 20% of the world’s population and that in itself creates a massive demand for a product.  Secondly, China has had a long history of wine not only rice and plum varieties.  Third, wine is the most popular alcoholic drink in the country.

Perhaps the most surprising is the rising quality of domestic Chinese wine.  My initial thoughts of Chinese wine were akin of Morgan David and other bottom shelf wines.   Those wine do or at least did exist in China as well as dangerous chemical concoctions labeled as wine.  A government crackdown has supposedly ended the practice of fake and dangerous wines.  There is, however,  a market for high-end bottles to be refilled with low-quality wine and a growing counterfeit label business.

Mayshark presents an interesting history as well as an examination of the current wine situation in China.  Partnerships with France and other countries are creating a large market. Tariff retaliation with America are preventing US imports and China does not have surplus enough for meaningful exports.   This is a very informative and enlighting look at a side of China that is rarely seen.


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