Book Review — Cry Eden



Cry Eden by Harold Gershowitz is the third book in the Eden Series.  This edition is a novel with two parallel storylines–  one on an international level and another on a family level. Athough it is part of a series, the book stands well on its own.

It is the fall of 1973, and the Arab countries of Syria and Egypt are about to invade an unsuspecting Israel. Israel has grown complacent with its superior air force and its version of the Maginot Line — a compressed sand barrier built on the Eastern bank of the Suez Canal. The conflict will almost crush Israel and bring the United States and the Soviet Union to the brink of war.

While the world faces war, the Greenspan’s lives continue in the United States. Noah, a successful businessman, has been chosen as the Chairman of the Jewish Council of Washington, D.C. His wife, Alexandra Salaman, is a columnist at the Washington Evening Star. She is also a Palestinian. Their child Amos, named after the Mossad agent who helped save his mother’s life, is being raised Jewish. The Greenspans’ marriage contrast the events of the Middle East.  What is a happy marriage is about to be challenged by outside events.

The players in both lines of the story do not control their own destiny.  Israel and the Arab States are influenced or controlled by the US and USSR.   Likewise, the Greenspans, find themselves affected by forces beyond their control.  A tertiary level of characters tie the two plot lines together seamlessly and bring the story to a dramatic conclusion.  Moving from history to thriller and back again Gershowitz creates a fast-moving and exciting reading experience.


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