Poetry Review — Blackbird Song

Blackbird Song by Randy Lundy is the poet’s third collection of poetry.  Lundy is a member of the Barren Lands (Cree) First Nation. He has published two previous collections of poetry, Under the Night Sun and Gift of the Hawk. His work has been widely anthologized.

Lundy’s poetry does something very unique.  He is able to capture the Native American experience and culture and insert it into Western poetry without compromising either tradition or form.  He recreatess a familiar past and common memories with the reader.

Remember the butter glazed, golden
crust of bread fresh from the oven
Remember the oven door
creaking, heat blasting
your six year old face

The first section of poetry is in a traditional style and frequently include a crow on the fringes of the poetry.  The second section is prose poetry with a connection to the earth and the seasons.  The collection closes with more traditional poetry. An outstanding collection of North American poetry.


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