Book Review — The Phoenix Project (The Liberty Box, #3)


The Phoenix Project brings to a conclusion The Liberty Box Series of books by C.A. Gray. It is difficult to review the final book in a series without giving away the plot or too much information on the previous books. As this series draws to a close the battle between the resistance and the government run by Voltolini and his mind control network rages on. The resistance is small and grows smaller as members are arrested or killed. The majority of the population remains blind to the world as it actually is and sees an altered reality that Voltolini has programmed.

Gray writing style works well. Although this series is written for the Young Adult crowd the quality of the story and its detail will hold an adults interest throughout the story. There is enough action in the story without overdoing it and the characters do their best to plan their next actions. There is some romance but it seems a bit awkward at times. Although there are violence and death, sex is left out of the pages. It is a wholesome dystopia where the young characters, although modern, seem to cling to a 1950s morality even when challenging authority.

I enjoyed the first two books in the series and the final book does an excellent job of tying together all the loose ends and drawing the series to a proper end. For those who have read this far into the series, The Pheonix Project is well worth the read and for those who have waited a while to finish up the series, a nice summary of the previous two novels precedes chapter one of this book.  A very well done series.

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