Poetry Review — Under Green Leaves

There was a time when people spend much more time outdoors. There was nature in people’s life. Today we are in concrete cities and spend our lives indoors. Nature is limited to green strips and front lawns to many today. There was a time when you could stare up at the night sky and see the wonder of the universe. Today we are limited to seeing the moon, planets, and a few bright stars that most cannot identify.

Under Green Leaves takes the reader back to a time when nature and the outdoors provided a sense of wonder and a connection to the world around us. In this collection of poetry birds, especially the cuckoo. Abraham Cowley, Leigh Hunt, and John Keats write about grasshoppers. “Summer Morning” by Thomas Miller provides the longest poem of thirty-one stanzas. The classics writers of English poetry are included in this selection from Shakespear to Milton, Wordsworth, and Tennyson. There are also a few women poets in the mix. The only seem that seems to be missing is Shelley. This is a great selection of nature poems that was originally published in 1865. A new introductory note has been added to the text.

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