Poetry Review — Wait

Wait by Ned Baeck is the poet’s first collection of poetry. Baeck lives in Vancouver. His poems have recently appeared in untethered, The Continuist and Sewer Lid. This volume will be available on March 1, 2018.

Every so often a collection of poetry comes by and hits on all cylinders. Wait is a bit of a surprise as it covers several different and personal aspects smoothly and naturally. Many poets in writing on personal topics try too hard and force words. Baeck’s words have an easy personal feeling to them. He also uses words in unexpected and unique ways:

Outside the donut shop
the rain is falling
Illuminated in an aureola
Around the street light.
~ East Vancouver Midnight

Here is the mix of the ordinary and the holy taken from the poets near homeless wanderings across Canada. Near homeless because the poet took up the life of a what would be called a hobo, traveling across western Canada.His life does change as well as his view of the world.

Life groans
in roses, parked cars
empty streets
and sadists.
Greaves shed tears of dust, starry tears
gazes through them amazed.

Will you walk with me
through the tender rains
of this city, as it lies now
although torment is slow
I don’t want to go
~ Turnstile

The imagery in “Turnstile”, at times, dark city life reminds me of a bit of a retelling of The Doors “L.A. Woman” in concept and a combing of “Touch Me.” Although many may scoff at the poetry of Morrison, Baeck captures the experience in words alone without the help of music.

Wait is a surprisingly mature collection of poems for an initial offering. Baeck captures honesty and true sight in a world of deceit and hype. A great collection or easy to read and comprehend poetry that can be enjoyed many times over.

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