Graphic Novel Review — Sartre

Sartre by Mathilde Ramadie is a graphic novel biography. Ramadie trained as a Graphic Designer with professional experiences in several agencies and studios, she went on to study philosophy and psychoanalysis at the University Paris 8, obtaining a Masters Degree in Contemporary Philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris.

This graphic novel presents an introduction to one of the most famous postwar existentialists. Although some of the philosophy is discussed or dropped into a discussion, it is more of a person look at the man and his relationships. Simone de Beauvoir, Beaver, plays a key role in this book. She was an existentialist philosopher, political activist, feminist leader, and life long partner. Also mentioned is his friendship and break with Albert Camus.

I did enjoy this short, illustrated biography and it covered the high points of Sartre’s life. My only other experience with Sartre comes from the reading of Camus and Sartre’s Nausea. This did fill in a few gaps and was an enjoyable read. Very well done.


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