Poetry Review — Heart Residence: The Dennis Lee Omnibus

The Dennis Lee Omnibus by Dennis Lee

Heart Residence: The Dennis Lee Omnibus by Dennis Lee is a collection of the works by Toronto native. Lee received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from the University of Toronto. He is best known for his children’s writings; his most famous work is the rhymed Alligator Pie. He also penned the lyrics for Fraggle Rock and wrote the novella that was the basis for the movie Labyrinth.

In most larger collections readers receive a wide variety of the poet’s works and can see how he or she matures and evolves as a writer. This collection is a bit different because the poet occupies both ends of a dialectic rarely stopping for more than a moment in the middle ground. Lee writes adult narrative poems such as his epic poem to the city of Toronto and some poems with more adult themes to wildly rhyming poems that have a beat to themselves. These are children’s poems but are still enjoyable to an adult. The poem 1838 seems to be the center point of his extremes the Upper Canadian rebellion with almost a child like a sing-song rhythm.

A nice collection with a great range of poetry with a wide range of topics and style.

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