Poetry Review — Love Letters to the World

Love Letters to the World by Meia Geddes

Love Letters to the World by Meia Geddes is the poet’s first published collection of poetry. Geddes was born in China, raised in Sacramento, and lives in Boston. She graduated from Brown University and has been the recipient of a Fulbright grant, and is currently completing her master’s in library and information science, folding paper cranes for her small business Make-A-Crane, and working as an assistant at MIT Sloan School of Management. Her novella, The Little Queen, is forthcoming in 2017.

Love Letters to the World is exactly what the title proclaims. Geddes writes a series of poetic one paragraph letters to the world. At first read, the poems are innocent and almost druidical with descriptions of rain, fields and nature in general. There is no mention of so-called civilization– buildings, cities, or highways. People are seldom mentioned and the dreariness of a day to day job is absent. Although written in prose format the writing takes on a feel of pastoral or romantic poetry. There is a relationship that develops between the poet and the reader. The reader, especially the middle-aged reader, will be taken back to simpler times and draw back on their younger days.

Reading a bit deeper the reader will identify a different relationship. There is a more personal relationship between the poet and the “world.” There is a place for the world — nature and elements. Then there is a place for what becomes the poet’s world in another person. “Sometimes I simply want to touch you. I want to run my fingers along the edges of your clouds, the tips of your fields, the impossible corners of you.” A person can become one’s world. The poet seems to wander back and forth between the two worlds.

There is another relationship in the writing. It is between the poet and words. “Words bring to paper a shape of love.” and “One cannot fill the pages of life as with a lined notebook.” Some things can only be expressed by words. The use of words and the connotation rather than denotation play a major role in the writing. Time becomes one of those words that strives for meaning.

Love Letters to the World starts with a simple premise. One might see it as simplistic, but it is like a snowflake. It is ordinary until you look at the detail and see the crystalline formation. Geddes tells the reader to look, look deeper, really look deep and it is then the reader sees the real multifaceted beauty. Very nicely done.

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  1. Just finished a review of a book by Victor Bockris that is going to be a biopic abut Warhol soon. I think it’s a little naive and unprofessional. Maybe I will get better at it with time. Your opinion would really matter to me! I admire sincerely your work!! Did you do any special studies??? I so would like to be able to do that in French and in English!!

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