Poetry Review — Night & Ox

Night & Ox by Jordan Scott

Night & Ox by Jordan Scott is his fourth published work. Scott wrote much of this poetry as a young father holding his son in one hand and typing with the other.

I usually like to type a few hundred words or more in a review, but that is not the case with Night & Ox. A quick look at the cover will give the reader an idea of the poetry contained inside. Is it pen drawing of a rooster’s head? Is it random? It has too much form to be random. The poetry inside is a single poem running almost ninety full-length pages. The lines, however, are usually a word or two long. It is abstract writing that does not form a picture in the mind, but rather captures the mind. The string of words flows well line to line and the reader will get caught up in the flow and feel of the words rather than any message they may carry. Some words are made up, but they seem to be real words and fit the flow of the poem. Night & Ox is an interesting piece of experimental or abstract poetry. It is worth a read for those looking for something new and different.


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