Poetry Review — Navy Blue

Navy Blue by Steve Meagher

Navy Blue by Steve Meagher is the poet’s first book of poetry. Meagher grew up in Oakville, Ontario. His poems have appeared in Carousel, The Nashwaak Review, and Ottawa Arts Review. He lives in Toronto.

Sharp, jagged, and possibly scarring. The words cut deep even when there are only a few. From watching his sister on her deathbed to grandpa’s bedtime stories, Meagher captures emotion and raw sense of reality. Even the poets in this collection are a strong and dark breed:

The poets of Mimco
They’ll slit your throat
For a dollar and a quarter.


The streets carry me softly
I push away the bright lights
So I can run with the poets
I can say things to the factories.

There is a capturing of what we all share even when it is something we would rather forget. That cheating redneck neighbor is the poet’s “My Pal Sal.” His collection of friends is recorded in “New Saints.” — Shark Tooth, Scarecrow, Tin Man…

Meagher takes the reader to a gritty place of growing up with the street rather than “home.” We question our own mortality and survival. Navy Blue is to poetry what Hubert Selby Jr was to fiction and Lou Reed was to music.

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