Book Review — Jane Austen: The Dover Reader

Jane Austen The Dover Reader

Jane Austen: The Dover Reader is a collection of Jane Austen’s works which includes the complete version of Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion, two of her most read novels. Rather than just combining the books and adding a short introduction, Dover also includes her earlier work and letters. Three early works are included “Love and Friendship” a novel written in a series of letters between two friends, “The History of England” (Henry IV through Charles 1st) written by a self-described partial, prejudiced, and ignorant historian, and an outline for “The Beautiful Cassandra”.

Perhaps the most important addition is the collection of letters. There is probably more to learn about an author in their personal writing than in all their biographies or autobiographies. This is when their personal side shows through. Usually written to friends and colleagues, the writer usually tends to be more open and informal than in their public writings.

The Dover Edition, as usual, gives the reader a large bang for the buck. The Dover edition sells for six dollars, less than the cost of the Barnes and Nobel edition of Pride and Prejudice. The Dover edition also comes with Persuasion and the above discussed early works and letters giving the reader a fuller understanding of the Jane Austen. A great value for anyone interested in getting to know Jane Austen and her work.


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  1. Definitely sounds like a good deal!

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