Early Poems: Ezra Pound


Early Poems by Ezra Pound covers his early work both writing and translating poetry. A few years ago I read some of Pound’s later works and could not get into the writing or style. His early works are much different and amazingly well done. I was captivated by this entire collection. The many of the poems are lyrical or ballads. The poems settings range from medieval Europe to China. The writing is the ideal of poetry:

Aye! I am a poet and upon my tomb
Shall maidens scatter rose leaves
and men myrtles, ere the night
Slays day with her dark sword.

Pound’s early work has changed my opinion of him as a poet. Perhaps, it was that I was not in tune with poetry at the time or his style had changed drastically over time. This collection is put together by Dover Thrift and besides being a great collection, it is also very affordable at $2.50. Outstanding poetry and an outstanding value.


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  1. Pound confounds me! Such a polarizing figure, especially in historical context, yet he was an acknowledged influence for many writers. I find much of his Cantos unreadable, yet some of them move me.

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