Book Review –Fire Phone: A Well Established User Guide for Fire Phone. Learn the Basics of Setup and the Latest Tips and Tricks (Fire Phone Books, Amazon Fire Phone, Fire Phone Unlocked)

Fire Phone by Jacob Gray

I own a Fire phone, and for the most part I am quite happy with it. I don’t use many apps, and I use no games. The phone is used as a phone, text device, mp3 player, and to keep up with Goodreads, WordPress, and Twitter. I find it just as good as my previous iPhone and slightly lacking from my last Android.

What I was looking for was the “Latest Tips and Tricks” mentioned in the title. I have learned online how to put Google Play on my phone so that I have Google+ and Youtube. What tips and tricks did I find in this book that were not covered in the user guide? None. This book is basically the owners manual with little more information like explaining the difference between GSM and LTE.

Luckily, I checked this book out with my Amazon Prime account so it didn’t cost anything.

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