Book Review — City Times and Other Poems

City Times and Other Poems is a small collection of poetry by Vihand Naik. Naik is a contemporary Indian poet, translator, literary and art critic. He read for a BA in English studies and Philosophy and took an MA in English Literature and Indian Literature in translation at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.

Many small poetry collections and new or foreign poets have slipped by me in the past.  Last night I was writing back a forth to a friend discussing authors and why people need to center around the same old writers.  Why not something new and different?  Here is something different and something that stands on its own against the best of the establish poets.

City Times and Other Poems is an unintimidating slim volume.  The poet is from India, but there is no hint of this in the writing.  Instead, the sparse words move off the page like electrons creating great images in the TV screen of our brains.  To be honest, it is an incredible transformation of words to imagery and feeling. I am at a delightful loss of words to explain it or say more. It needs to be experienced.  Simply said, “Read it. It’s like magic.”

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  1. “Experience trumps scripture” is the first rule of faith, which implies poetry is a universal language. (Not to say language is universal.)

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