Book Review: Wilderness: The Lost Writings, Vol. 1

Wilderness by Jim Morrison

People need connectors
Writers, heroes, stars,
To give life form.

I have been a Doors fan since the late 1970s when rock music first started to speak to me as more than just music. The Doors were an influence not only on me but people I soon came to listen too, like Patti Smith. Even now, at work and being the old guy in the shop, its good to hear Millennials putting The Doors on the shop stereo.

There is little doubt that Ray Manzarek was a musical genius, but he could not hold the band together after Morrison’s passing. Whether you believe Morrison was a poet or simply someone clever with words, he was much more than the average front man for a band. I enjoyed the words and the writing. In fact, I liked this collection better than The Lords and The New Creatures.

Wilderness provides some insight into the creation of the band’s lyrics. Common themes throughout the collection are the ideas of freedom, the infinite, shamanism, the color green. There are several poems titled LAmericia. The combination of Los Angeles and America. The star of what is or was America to Morrison. Reading the lines that contain lyrics from the Soft Parade puts the music into the readers head gives the poem an extra layer rhythm. The inclusion of hand written notes a welcome addition to the writing. A good collection for Doors fans.



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  1. This sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

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