Book Review — Beat Poets

Beat Poets by Carmela Ciuraru

We are a legend, invisible but
legendary, as prophesied.

Allen Ginsberg

This is a small book, almost small enough for your pocket. Inside covers a wide range of poems. It is more than Ginsberg and Kerouac, but they are included. I recognized Leroi Jones’ work, but as his later name Amiri Baraka. Twenty-eight poets make up this collection and the diversity of mood and messages are great. There is the gloom of the world and life without a future. The cold reclining on the steps of the library to a warmer personal type of poetry.

There is a bit of hopelessness in the series.

— There are
enough fascists &
enough socialists
on both sides
so that no one will lose the war.

Diana Di Prima

My address book is full
of RIPs

Jack Kerouac

balanced to some extent with:

And here I am, the
center of all beauty!
writing these poems!

Frank O’Hara

The Lenore Kandel selection was enough for me to purchase her complete works. Although all poems may not appeal to all people, this is a good sampling of the period and will certainly open doors to those looking a new experience.

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