Book Review: The Mediator Pattern

“Quantum mechanics has it all wrong. It’s time that is discrete, quantized, not energy. Energy is an infinite continuum, space is entirely relative, and time is not necessarily linear. ”

The Mediator Pattern by J.D. Lee is an intricately written novel. Marcus Metiline, the main character, is a patent mediator. He is hired by the Belis Corporation and meets with the elusive Colin Belis. The Belis Corporation, for the most part, runs the country. It has taken over departments piecemeal fashion and has grown into a powerhouse. Colin Belis, who inherited the company, holds multiple doctorates and purchased the city of San Jose. San Jose, where the company headquarters is located, has become Belis’ custom designed playground. Marcus is hired personally by Belis to check on a possible patent infringement. Then the story gets really weird.

The story takes place in modern times, and its not the cell phone, laptop, or tablet that is the hot piece of technology, but personal fax machines — desktop and portable. Society is controlled and for Marcus, things begin to get strange. He is a heavy smoker that keeps track of his matches and lives in a smoking section of San Jose. For the reader, there is a feeling of reading a futuristic novel from the 1950s. It is a glimpse into a future that did not evolve.

There is a loop that develops early in the story and obsession with counting matches, repeat meetings, days, and a man known as Dr. Avant. Clues seem to be scattered through the story to help the reader understand what might be going on. I had several theories as to what might be going on, but each one fell apart as I read on, and progressed even further into the bizarre.

This is one book that is difficult to give a detailed review. The story is woven so closely together that too many details will give the story away. However, the story develops well and will easily hold the readers interest. The writing is well done taking the reader on a twisting road to discovering the secret of the story. Intriguing, fun, and complex. Very well done.

Joseph Spuckler Book Review

Joseph gives The Mediator Pattern 4 1/2 Stars

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