Book Review: The X-Files: Conspiracy

The X-Files: Conspiracy by Paul Crilley is a graphic novel covering the adventures of the Lone Gun Men. I was always a huge X-Files and Lone Gun Men fan. I have read a few novels after the series ended and bought all the seasons on DVD. It has been a while since I read an X-Files novel so I jumped at the chance to read this one.

This is a Lone Gun Men story, but Mulder and Scully do make their appearance. It needs to work out this way because the Lone Gun Men can probably get away with seeing the Ghost Busters (paranormal money grubbers), Ninja Turtles (Manphibians), and Transformers (aliens hiding among us disguised as cars). There are also vampires, but ones that had already made an appearance in X-Files series — “Bad Blood”, Season five, episode twelve. There is also a lethal virus and an evil corporation to deal with. 

I usually don’t read graphic novels, so my review does not follow my usual form and probably does not follow your typical graphic novel review. The story was good, a bit campy it seemed at first but not really as the story went on. The Lone Gun Men stayed true to character and the story seemed to fit into the outer reaches of an X-Files storyline. I also think it worked well because it was the Lone Gun Men seeing the fictional characters and not recognizing them for what the reader will know them as. These encounters fit well with their way out theories. The story moves at a good pace and does a great job completing the story arc. Also, since it is a graphic novel, the artwork is also very good. 

Conspiracy, although seeming a bit farfetched, will satisfy the longing for an X-Files fix. I enjoyed the story and recommend it to X-Files fans. I still want to believe. 


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