Book Review: Katja from the Punk Band

Katja from the Punk Band by Simon Logan

Katja from the Punk Band by Simon Logan is the introductory book in the Katja series. Simon is the author of the industrial fiction novel Little Things To Fill Up The Void and three collections of short stories. He is also the author of Get Katja.

A few months ago I read Get Katja, the second book in the series, and loved it. This week I was happy to find Katja from the Punk Band was available to me. I dropped everything else and jumped on this book. I was not disappointed. Katja, along with most people, want off the island and on to the mainland. The island is dreary, dark, and depressing. There are chemical drug gangs and drug lords and life resembles life on the worst side of town. The mainland is may not be perfect, but it is a step up. 

Here, as in Get Katja, the story is told from the point at all main characters and the reader will be jumping back and forth in time. When characters encounter each other it leads up to a climax, and then the story back tracks and is told from the other characters view point. It might sound a bit dizzy, going back and forth, but here it is done in such a way that is completely logical and fits well together. Everything revolves around Katja, and she is the nucleus of the book. The other characters move in and out like electrons around the nucleus of an atom sometimes moving closer and other times moving away. 

The book’s description calls Katja Jackie Brown meets the Sex Pistols, and I am at a loss to come up with a better description. Several plots, several main characters all working together in a punk rock environment makes this book hard to put down. This is not my usual reading material, but as a diversion I find it highly enjoyable. I am a Katja fan.

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