Book Review: Rise of the Huskers

Warning            *****May Contain Spoilers*****         Warning

  1. Rise of the Huskers (The Raven Falconer Chronicles, #2)

The Rise of the Huskers picks up where Operation Z Day ends. Raven and her roommates are still holed up in the cabin. The Huskers are humans who higher brain functions have been destroyed by a virus that now stay alive on instinct alone. The Huskers search for food and their first choice of food is uninfected humans. They are, for all practical purposes, zombies in the traditional Hollywood sense.

Raven and her roommates continue to live in their well armed cabin and continue to meet with RCMP Zygmunt Nowicki, an Afghanistan veteran and the lone law man in the story. The book opens with a bit of a surprise. Eli Falconer, Raven’s father, is still alive. From reading the first book, Eli drives off, infected, and shortly afterwards a gunshot is heard. I thought he took his own life to prevent his “turning.”

If the Huskers were not enough to worry about, a coup in the neighboring Indian reserve brings to power a new chief who wants all the historical back including the town of Banff. Not only do they want the land back, they want all the town’s people off their land. Zygmunt and the girls gather up the uninfected people of Banff and hole up in a hotel to defend against two enemies.

The virus that turns people into Huskers destroys all higher brain functions cerebrum: reason, memory, problem solving. What happens when the virus does not destroy all higher functions? You have a leader and organizer of the Huskers. An extremely dangerous adversary.

A moral question is also brought up. If the Huskers are humans and sick, is it right to hunt and kill them? Can they be cured? Without any government or military help to be found, does it really matter?

The Rise of the Huskers is an action packed and fast paced sequel to Operation Z Day. It is smart and well written. The storyline is one of the most believable “zombie” series I have read. I am looking forward to the third installment of this series. Great characters and a great story make for a great afternoon of reading.

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