Book Clubs, Get Your Poetry Fix Here

Book Clubs, Get Your Poetry Fix Here

Why don’t book clubs discuss poetry books more often? Not sure, but here’s your chance to right that wrong.

What’s Wrong with Ordinary? Poems to Celebrate Life is about relationships and raising children, midlife and menopause, and everyday joys and sorrows.
Jericho Brown, Poet, author of Please (winner of the 2009 Book Award) says: “Merritt is a poet of the domestic sphere whose work reminds me of translations from a language I could never know were she not a writer.”
Dave Morrison, Poet, author of Fail and other collections, adds: “The sparse architecture of the poems adds power, as there is so much unsaid, but felt, between the words.”
Marie Lecrivain, reviewer for poeticdiversity: “There is great joy in her work and an honest wit (yes, there is such a thing). Merritt reminds me that the best poetry is simply written in the same vein as one of America’s greatest poets, Ogden Nash, without the embellishments of academia or the arrogance of abstraction.”
Joanne Greco Rochman, Arts Editor of the Fairfield County Review: “This poet goes right to the core of the human experience and plays on every nerve fiber as if plucking the strings of a Stradivarius.”
On the publisher’s site, Ordinary sells for $13.95 plus $5.95 shipping. If you order five or more copies from me (okayed by the publisher!), I can give you each book for $10 plus only $2 shipping, so you save $7.90 on each book.

Email me at Come on. Give poetry a chance.

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