Book Review: A Garden of Fools

A Garden of Fools by Greg Logsted

A Garden of Fools by Greg Logsted is a book about… well, it’s like what Douglas Adams did to space, but done to 1970 New York City. Logsted has written a few other books and according to his biography likes climbing ladders and drinking coffee. Connecticut seems to be a gravity well that allows him to escape for only short periods of time before being pulled back.

This is not going to be a typical review by me. This is not a typical book. It’s like Douglas Adams meets, Selby Jr, meets Mellick III. It has something of everything from the early 1970s New York. There’s Abbie Hoffman, John and Yoko, Richard Nixon, Bob Dylan, a U.S. Senator,The Village People, Vietnam, Kent State, politics, and, why not, Clint Eastwood too.

The Story begins when Everett Dewitt, nephew of U.S. Senator “Dimwit” Dewitt believes he sees God occupying the body of Bartholomew, a man who seems to look like a long haired version of Michael Moore. There is Bartholomew’s girl friend Tayna who is a communist and is constantly pestered by Bob Dylan. There is a police detective who think Everette and Bartholomew are part of a criminal conspiracy. There is Senator Dewitt’s re-election campaign and to complicate things a bit farther one or more of the characters may have taken LSD. It is reminiscent of the TV show SOAP, but instead of The Major it has The Colonel.

This book is a riot. I am not usually a fan of comedies, but I was drawn in with the the 1970 New York City description. There is comedy on the surface as well as a bit of subsurface comedy those around in the ’70s will catch. I was completely pulled into the story, or rather the characters. The plot is unimportant and will keep you wondering where you are headed too. The cliché “it’s not the destination, but the journey” describes this book well. I usually keep myself to non-fiction or classic literature, but every once in a while a book will jump out say “read me, read me!” and I listen. I was not disappointed with A Garden of Fools. A great read for all.

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