Book Review: Myth and Rhymes

Myths and Rhymes

William Poe’s collection of poetry called Myths and Rhymes was part of his rehab recovery process. Poe creates interesting and unique lines that bring together his drug problems and coming to terms with his sexuality. There is some of the disjointedness (in a good way) that reminds me of William S. Burroughs, but with the additional layer of escaping from what he calls a cult, the Unification Church. There are many references to Adam and Eve, references to Sodom, Greek Mythology, vague drug references, and throw in some science, even particle physics.

God is heard
in new quarks
strange charm

Several poems seem to bring everything together. What Else is There, ties religion and drugs with a false Hollywood view. Don’t Be Ashamed, (quoted above) blend science and religion and play Adam and atom together.

You can feel the emotion in the poems and come to see his search for meaning. At times it is chaotic, and other times it flows smoothly. Much as I can imagine rehab to be, painful, clouded, wanting, and some few moments of clarity. This collection of poems is well worth reading if the subject matter interests or if you shared the same trials. If you are looking for Keats, Byron, or Coleridge, this is not for you.

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