Book Review: Growing Up Me: A Memoir in Poems

Growing Up Me: A Memoir in Poems

An interesting collection of poems that lead up something I was not expecting. Steeeeve an descriptive early poem in the book that sets the stage for later poems. I started by doing what I do quite a bit with books of poetry. I opened the book to a random page and read the poem there. I opened to “Crush”. I thought this should be good. I read it, felt a bit confused and read it again. “Oh, I get it!”

Poems about childhood and coming to age with some discovery on the way. Written chronologically the poems take you the poets early life. I won’t say what that discovery is, but it well worth the read. If you know who Frank Kelly is, then you know the discovery. If you don’t, like me, well you learn as you read. It is a Very well done and tastefully done too. A book that can be enjoyed by the vast majority readers.


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