Book Review: A Life without Limits

A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey
by Chrissie Wellington, Lance Armstrong (Foreword)





I have heard people say Chrissie Wellington is the female Lance Armstrong. You can hardly miss her in any triathlete magazine. What many people don’t know is her work with aid organization before she became a professional athlete. A life Without Limits is a well written autobiography on a truly remarkable athlete. Here is a person who worked with the homeless and realized that huge aid organizations may not be the best at help solve the world’s poverty problems. She is also an athlete that no one seems to call “scandal” on. From all I have heard, she is much more personable than many athletes. She has an active Twitter account that personal rather than just a publicity page. Here is a world class athlete that shouldn’t be considered the “Female Armstrong”, rather Armstrong should be so lucky to be the male Chrissie Wellington.

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